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New Exhibit at FRG Objects & Design / Art

Joseph Conrad-Ferm


Joseph Conrad-Ferm, It's In the Small Details, 2014, mixed media on canvas 72 x 90 in.



FRG OBJECTS & DESIGN / ART is proud to exhibit recent work by Hudson Valley painter, JOSEPH CONRAD-FERM. This immensely talented artist produces large-scale abstract paintings bursting with visual energy. Referencing both mid-century American abstract expressionism as well as contemporary urban art; Conrad-Ferm's work has been exhibited extensively in the United States, including such prestigious venues as Highline Loft Gallery in Chelsea and Art Miami.

Rick Gillette
[email protected]
Tel: 646.483.9109

217 Warren Street, 2nd Floor
Hudson, New York 12534

Thursday - Monday 12-6pm
and by appointment

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Robert Cronin at Galerie Gris


solo exhibition of work by Robert Cronin
at Galerie Gris
621 Warren Street
Hudson, New York

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, May 31st 6 to 8pm
Exhibition runs from May 22 through July 1, 2014.

Cronin-exhibit-gris-3 Cronin-exhibit-gris-1 Cronin-exhibit-gris-2


Under the Influence (of the New York School)

January Abstraction_D

A new exhibit opens this weekend at Carrie Haddad Gallery:

Under the Influence (of the New York School)
Lionel Gilbert, Judith Lindbloom and William Bond Walker
Reception: Saturday, April 26th, 6-8pm
April 19, 2014 through June 1, 2014
at Carrie Haddad Gallery
622 Warren Street, Hudson NY

When one thinks of the New York School the mind is instantly transported to New York City during the 1950’s and 60’s when it became a melting pot of visionary artists, writers, jazz musicians, and dancers. The individuals of this avant-garde circle drew their inspiration from Surrealism and the artists, in particular, were captivated by its philosophy of subconscious liberation. Out of this fascination, Abstract Expressionism was born. Canvases became dominated by highly abstracted forms, bold palettes, and intense gestural displays of human emotion where the finished piece was not just an image but rather a record testifying to the moment an artist’s brush met its surface.

Untitled II_D In the mid-fifties, Judith Lindbloom left the Midwest for New York City to settle in Greenwich Village. Her work was clearly influenced by that of her close friend, Franz Kline. By the time Lindbloom was 23, her work had appeared in the Whitney Museum’s Under 35 exhibit of young American painters. After a stint of travel in Europe, Lindbloom settled in San Francisco where she continues to live today. This exhibit will feature work from her NYC era, as well as paintings from the 80s and 90s that reflect a brighter, more expressionistic palette.

Artist William Bond Walker describes each of his paintings as a “new beginning”, allowing for intuitive development rather than relying on a preconceived plan. This element of abstraction creeps into his representational work as well. Bond Walker finds the power of color and its ability to shape a piece most important, hence his use of acrylic-- a medium he favors for its flexible and adaptable features.
Blue on the Side d jpg Lionel Gilbert received his formal training at the Newark School of Fine & Industrial Art in 1924 and L’Academie de la Grande Chaumier in France. Gilbert painted large murals in public buildings while employed through the nation’s W.P.A program. During WWII, he completed many illustrations while working as an official U.S. Air Force artist to portray life at war. Gilbert later became a full time artist showing in various galleries while teaching at the 92nd Street Y Art Center through the 1980’s. This exhibit will include his abstract figurative paintings. Reminiscent of Hans Hoffman, Gilbert replaces rapid brushstrokes for blocks of color that are oftentimes organized around semi-automatist forms.

To view the exhibit online visit carriehaddadgallery.com

1. William Bond Walker, January Abstraction
2. Judith Lindbloom, Untitled II
3. Lionel Gilbert, Blue on the Side


New at Terenchin Fine Art


Henry Walcott Boss (1827-1916). Haying, c.1860-70. Oil on canvas measures 14 x 24 inches, 16 x 26 inches in a c.1900 frame. Excellent condition, recently cleaned by our conservator. One tear and one puncture repaired as can be observed (verso). No canvas loss. No overpaint in areas other than the two spots previously mentioned. Signed lower left. Price on request. (click image to view larger)

To learn more about Henry Walcott Boss visit the Terenchin website: http://www.terenchin.com/2014/04/05/henry-walcott-boss-1827-1916/
or stop in to the gallery at 533 Warren Street in Hudson.


Seeing Eye to Eye


This handsome portrait (c.1910) by German Jewish artist Rudolf Jacob Zeller (1880-1948) can be seen at Terenchin Gallery, 533 Warren Street in Hudson.

The painting is an oil on canvas and measures 16 x 20 inches; 22 x 24 inches in a simple wood frame. Read more about the painter here


Portrait of a Lady


Portrait of a society lady, by Vilhelm Bjerke Petersen, Danish artist, born 1909. 
Petersen studied under Paul Klee and Kadinsky 1927-1929, travelled throughout Europe and exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1936 and in London, Surrealism in the North, in 1937. An asbstract surrealist originally, his work became pure surrealist and later symbolistic, with paint applied in flat surfaces in the manner of Salvidor Dali. This portrait was painted in America in the 1930's  Check out Arenskjold Antiques Art for fine 19th and 20th century paintings.  518 828 2800


Woodland Scene by Johannes Boesen at Arenskjold Antiques


Woodland scene by Danish Artist Johannes Boesen,1847-1916, signed and dated 1882 lower left. A fine example of late 19th century Danish art depicting a stream running through sunlit woods. Pupil and follower of P.C.Skovgaard, excelling in spring landscapes, he travelled to Italy, Tyrol, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. Exhibited at Charlottenborg 1868-1917 and in Chicago in 1893. Original gilt frame

Arenskjold Antiques Art  605 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534  518 828 2800


Dyrberg Pedersen, 1964


Dyrberg Pedersen, 1964, was a Danish artist, quite the bohemian who hung out in the certain nightspots of Copenhagen in the 1950's and 1960's, know as the 'Minefields'.  Flanked by a pair of Murano birds (1950's)  and a vase by Sven Hammerschoi for Kaehler pottery, c 1920's.  Part of the redesign at Arenskjold Antiques, 605 Warren Street


Two Men in a Cafe

Cafe Scene by Orn

This sketch of two men by Danish artist Ørn is one of a collection of cafe scenes painted and sketched, in the tradition of Toulouse Lautrec, in 1950s. Orn was a singular guy who never wanted to sell his paintings; Arenskjold Antiques bought a collection from his estate. Stop by 605 Warren and take a look—prices range from $250—$950. (Note: Ørn in Danish is pronounced Urn.)


Window Watch


Now on display in the window at the Arenskjolds’: A four-panel double-sided screen by Susan Rowland; an iconic Danish modern harp chair by Jorgen Hovelskov; a café table by Verner Panton; a large un-glazed Kahler pottery vase; and a 19th century castiron umbrella stand, with a chihuahua... For pricing and other information, please call Arenskjold Antiques at (518) 828-2800.