Ida's Eye/Corduroy Shop

PHONE: (518) 727-7682
ADDRESS: 711 Warren St., Hudson NY 12534
Website: www.idaseye.com / corduroyshop.com

Ida’s Eye scours the globe for treasured items to offer to you. The shop features a vast array of lighting that will complement anything from a classic Victorian to a midtown modern. Located in Hudson’s 700 block, you will also find a wide variety of distinctive furnishings and accessories for your home.

Charming Pair of French Sytle Carved Leg Chairs with Outstanding Upholstery at Ida's Eye

At Corduroy Shop we see the value in loose threads. We have a love of the old and hand sewn. We amazingly reupholster found furniture utilizing storied cloth. We create pillows of uncommonly interesting fabric combinations. And we’ve been known to gussy up a vintage garment or two, especially work wear. Things get redone, revisited, re-imagined and reconstructed.

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News from Corduroy Shop


Linen Patched and Mended Headboard

Found this amazing full size headboard frame and felt that the wood finish called for the gentleness and softness of worn linens. One of the main features in this completely up cycled piece is the antique mending that occurs in the center. A lost, valuable art shown front and center amongst the buttons borrowed from the original piece. At the top a chunky outline of white divides the space between fabric and wood.

Chair-CS Chair with beautifully hand embroidered, vintage trim. Afghanistan.

This chair is all about the hand stitched trim. Aside from the labor and skilled workmanship, the bold graphics and color choice make for a dramatic statement. We've taken that statement and added an 8" cushion in which you just sink and relax and let your dreams take you away!

Corduroy Shop is located at 711 Warren St., in Hudson.
For more information, visit wwww.corduroyshop.com.


Have a Seat


12 Mid-Century Fritz Hansen chairs can be seen at Ida's Eye, 711 Warren Street in Hudson, NY.



Vintage EssoTiger


Put a tiger in your tank (or home). At Ida's Eye, a 1940s promotional piece from a little  Esso (Standard Oil Company) gas station in south Jersey.