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Contemporary Art and Photography.
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Paintings and Works on Paper by Lizzie Scott

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Galerie Gris / Kylie Heidenheimer



Galerie Gris is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Kylie Heidenheimer, featuring large scale paintings and work on paper. In this solo show there is a tension that energizes the work, the pieces pulsate and undulate while the figure and ground float and hover. The imagery suggests the cavernous, the aqueous or the cosmological. Lines and marks lead to structures that unfold and evolve and are integral to the works’ contents, which are built upon the wresting and twisting of spaces.

GALERIE GRIS is located at 621 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534 / tel:518.828.16177

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Galerie Gris - Lizzie Scott

September 11th - October 26th, 2015
Artist Reception: Saturday, September 19th 6:00 to 8:00 PM


Galerie Gris is pleaded to announce an exhibition of new work by Lizzie Scott featuring textile constructions and drawings. These large scale textile-muslin based object paintings called 'Drifters' are loosely based on the structure of sleeping bags. In this series, she cuts and stitches lengths of cloth and other materials into irregular geometric shapes, applying paint in additional translucent geometric forms creating a layered perspective. The intricacy in their construction does not disguise the simple everyday materials, each is made in the same way. There is no top or bottom, the pieces can be hung upside down because there is no right side up and whether on the wall or folded sculpturally on the floor each new orientation makes the piece look different.

While doing away with the traditional artistic concern with composition and focusing on 'construction' she is seeking to liberate painting from it's fixed state, using it's power to expand our experience of the 3-dimensional 'real world'. Expanding on the idea of art as object, these textile constructions are at once conceptual yet rigorously formal.

GALERIE GRIS / 621 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534/ tel:518.828.1677



Galerie Gris' Marina Adams Exhibit

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Galerie Gris is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new paintings and work on paper by Marina Adams. This exhibition features BIRDSONG, a series of medium size paintings and 8 SINGING 16,a sixteen piece series of gouache on paper quadrants. In this new work there is intensity of color, saturated edge to edge, combined with shapes that imply nature like planes. The works on paper pieces have the spiritual quality of her imagery while they pursue her lexicon of shapes.

GALERIE GRIS / 621 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534/ tel:518.828.1677

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EXTENDED THROUGH JUNE 29TH, 2015 FTD3040-2 Galerie Gris is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings and work on paper by Frank Tartaglione. The pieces range in size from 19.5 x 15 inch works on paper to large-scale 84 x 60 inch paintings. In these new paintings, Tartaglione continues to explore the gestural subjectivity of expressionism with a renewed emphasis on the directionality of observed compositional content. In the monumental works LOOKUP! GREEN and LOOK UP! BLUE, the energetic surfaces are united by their rich saturated color that creates a strong structural effect. The planes of pigment build formal arrangements that are vital to the visual experience of the work. Tartaglione’s embrace of gestural abstraction is emotionally evocative without becoming openly narrative. The paintings do not appear to refer to actual things but respond to the observed visual world of the artist and communicate the pleasure of their own making.

GALERIE GRIS is located at 621 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534 / tel:518.828.16177




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Galerie Gris is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Vel Riberto, Joy Taylor and Marina Adams.

In FLORA & FAUNA II they each explore themes of nature, whether real or artificial. In the ‘Memory Garden’ series, Vel Riberto’s images are conceived as a process of bringing together what is seen and what is remembered. Color, shape and patterns familiar from nature connect with intimate memories, dissolving the boundaries between viewer and image. Black Flower #2.80 Joy Taylor creates still lifes using shapes that are suggested but not actual. In the ‘Hannaford Daisy’ series, she follows the urge to simplify and abstract these shapes which requires us to draw from our own visual associations. ROMAII60X40 Marina Adams 1993 ‘Roma’ paintings (shown above: Roma II) are exuberant in their mark making. There is an immediacy and gestural simplicity in the brushwork that creates recognizable imagery that once again seduces and invites the viewer to experience them both mentally and emotionally.

GALERIE GRIS is located at 621 Warren Street, Hudson NY. For more info call 518.828.16177.


COLOR, SHAPE & FORM II at Galerie Gris


December 11th - February 5th, 2014

Galerie Gris is pleased to announce a group exhibition: Color, Shape & Form II featuring works by James Vanderberg, Lizzie Scott, Jason Karolak, Robert Cronin and Doug Clow.

In James Vanderberg's nature inspired canvases, he explores the waterways and beaches of his youth. Rooted in abstraction and color interactions, his work makes a connection between the figure and field, landscape and our place in that space. Lizzie Scott continues her commentary on the urban landscape in a series of humorous paintings that depict the language of everyday. By collaging paper and muslin on canvas she creates a trompe l'oeil effect with rich, bold fields of color. Jason Karolak makes paintings that depict vibrantly colored linear structures. He uses overall patterns, striking combinations of fluorescent hues and the layered evidence of each paintings creation to suggest dynamic expansion. Robert Cronin's new paintings on paper continue to explore the placement of color and it's immediate effect on each other. Using vertical and horizontal bars of color he creates a harmonious, lyrical patterning that is nostalgic in it's familiarity. In Doug Clow's small works on paper there is an urgency in the laying down of paint. The graphic linear brush strokes of color create depth while surrounded by white. These intimate paintings seem to suggest an archaeological find, a surprise happened upon.

GALERIE GRIS is located at 621 Warren Street, Hudson NY. For more info call 518.828.16177.

Image: Robert Cronin


Peter Fox at Galerie Gris


Galerie Gris' current exhibition of new paintings and work on paper by Peter Fox runs through December 8th.

In a group of work ranging from small 12 by 12 inch squares to larger full scale pieces, he meticulously crafts rich primary colored paintings with spontaneous and fluid compositions. Fox mixes colors by building a material construction of paint and accumulates layered pigmented lines of colored drips that impale the surface as they collide into one another from all directions. Painting with a series of invented applicators, he arranges the colors and drips the paint onto inclined canvases allowing chance and fluid dynamics a central role in shaping both the process and outcome, with the paint leading the conversation. There is a physicality in the surface of the paintings that suggests the gestural abstraction and immediacy of Action Painting. Fox maintains a careful control (through observation and repetition) of his materials that conceal the process of his creation - a multilayered and highly choreographed procedure.

AURAL2008AC10X8LR In his work Fox continues the conversation: is art an act rather than an object, a process rather than a product or is the finished painting a physical manifestation of the actual work of art? He concludes, ”The object language I engage (with a smile) is ‘Abstract Painting’.”

Galerie Gris is located at 621 Warren Street in Hudson, NY. For more information, please call (518) 828-1677. Gallery hours are Thur - Mon 11am-5pm.


Alexander Oleksyn at Galerie Gris


Galerie Gris is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Alexander Oleksyn. The exhibit runs from September 4th through October 13.

In a series of black and white paintings he explores the reductive visual language of minimalist geometric abstraction, directing it towards the individual, unpredictable and ultimately random identity of form and materials. Oleksyn works freehand creating irregularities of line that allow the slight variations of his brush to show, the paintings are minimal in appearance and subtly personal. He uses an 'appropriated geometry' that's familiar and is deeply rooted in our processes of seeing. There is an interplay of geometric and organic, of the regularized and the uncontrolled that reveal the tactile traces of his encounter with the materials. Repetition and scale are the interpretive tools Oleksyn uses to allude to the variability of differences. In these 'self contained' paintings, the flatness of the surface is not based on the foreground but the depth of the canvas and introduces an element of tension. In the smaller works on paper, Oleksyn uses 'color as a conduit of association'. He creates a free-form language - a rhythm - combing elements that repeat, interlock and weave together, but with variation producing a harmony of sorts. They are lyrical, with no figurative allusions, exploring the pure abstract potential of form.

"The compositions of my paintings are determined by the physical constraints under which they are made; They shape of a surface, the size of the brush, and the characteristics of the paint used. While laying bare the process of how they are made, these paintings strive to allude beyond themselves and intend to evoke a range of responses from the viewer." -- Alexander Oleksyn

The gallery is located at 621 Warren Street in Hudson, NY. Gallery hours are Thur through Mon from 11am to 5pm. For more information please call (518) 828-1677.



Lisa Corinne Davis at Galerie Gris



Galerie Gris is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings and work on paper by Lisa Corinne Davis. The pieces range in size from 22.5 x 30 inch works on paper to large scale 65 x46 inch paintings. These new paintings are thought provoking and open to a variety of interpretations. They are a continuation of Davis’s ‘inventive geography’ that at first appear as multi-layered maps, but are used as a point of departure.

The paintings address both autobiographical and global issues that draw on the past, current and future. In the works FATUOUS MODEL and COGNITIVE MYTH the underlying surface brings to mind ancient Pompey or Mayan cultures, in FALLACIOUS MATRIX an urban, contemporary culture comes forward and in MENDACIOUS MODEL a fabulist cosmic world emerges. Then layered with her own visual language, Davis explains “The images and concepts in my art have been shaped by the experience of my childhood. My work explores this complex relationship of race, culture and history.” Issues of categorization, classification and societal discomfort with shifting contingent information become the “encoded, expansive narratives.”

In a survey of the paintings titles, the words ‘Fatuous’, ‘Mendacious’, ‘Fallacious’ and ‘Sophistic’highlight Davis’s notion that “labels and categories create an artificial simplicity while hiding more complex and meaningful truths”. In the most current work, FACTUAL ARTIFICE and CAPRICIOUS CIRCUITRY, there is a ‘Kubrickian’ feeling of order and chaos with ‘unsettling undercurrents’ where intersecting worlds collide. On the surface the paintings are a complex feast of line, shape and form with disparate color that is strangely seductive. E_FallaciousMatrix56X48-13 The abstract vocabulary of this work creates a transformative experience that reinforces Davis’s interest in “the exploration of how we carry remnants of memories through fragments of the past, into the present and even imagined futures.”

Galerie Gris is located at 621 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534. For more information please call 518-828-1677.


Robert Cronin at Galerie Gris


solo exhibition of work by Robert Cronin
at Galerie Gris
621 Warren Street
Hudson, New York

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, May 31st 6 to 8pm
Exhibition runs from May 22 through July 1, 2014.

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