Two New Exhibits at Caldwell Gallery Hudson


Caldwell Gallery Hudson's Spring schedule launches this weekend with two exhibitions. Our first floor gallery features Modern Choices – Choice Modern and includes new works by Lloyd Ney, John Corbino, Aaron Bohrod, Charles Biederman, Rudolf Hoflehner, Jacob El Hanani, Jimmy Ernst, Kay Sage, Lester Johnson, and numerous others.
On our second floor gallery we're showing Land & Sea - with a selection of traditional artworks from 1860-1960. Works by William Aiken Walker, Hermann Herzog, Edward Potthast, Ogden Pleissner, William Wallace Gilchrist, Levi Wells Prentice, Edward Dufner, Frederick Carl Frieseke, Samuel Colman, and others.
Caldwell Gallery Hudson is located at 355 Warren Street in Hudson, NY. For more information visit: http://www.caldwellgalleryhudson.com/


Exhibit Opening at Carrie Haddad Gallery

One Thing Leads to Another_D


Featuring artists:


Carrie Haddad Gallery
622 Warren Street, Hudson NY

Calm and confident brush strokes sweep over each canvas in a selection of abstract paintings by Christopher Engel. His work vibrates with the energy of bold, gestural lines that intersect at points between the foreground and background. These fields are bridged together in a web of kinetic, interconnecting lines which create a remarkable sense of three dimensionality. The close examination of space, or how we create it and replenish a void, is a study that Engel has pursued since he started as a landscape painter in the early 70s. “I was deeply affected by the relationship between the elements of the landscape; trees, shrubs, bushes, and elements on the periphery,” he states, “everything worked to define the space that contained and moved me.” Engel currently works out of a studio near Roxbury, NY, where a pellet stove warms the high ceilings and sunlight penetrates through sky-lights. Nestled in the Catskill mountains, he continues to honor the influence of the natural landscape and remain enamored by the impact of color. With several canvases standing over four feet tall, the surfaces are rich in a sophisticated palette of earth tones; greens, browns, blacks, blues and occasional use of bright red and orange allude to an aesthetic that straddles both landscape and abstraction. Yet despite representational titles such as “Canyon,” Ice Storm”, and “Clear Skies”, Engel’s vision immerses the viewer in suggestions of horizon lines or tree branches rather than orient them directly toward a conventional depiction. Tensions of push and pull are achieved with both opacity and transparency, as well as the natural flow of the medium. Ultimately, the point of departure is radically transformed and the end result is nothing short of powerful.

Carrie Haddad Gallery welcomes back sculptor Dai Ban and a new series of minimalist sculpture, completely reinvented from his signature bronze casts of playful animal figurines. In the process of breaking down the representative form, Ban has traded clay and bronze for simple planes of precision board, styrofoam and venetian plaster. His new choice of materials serve to maintain the lighthearted nature found in the core of his work through the effects of shifting light on color and shadow over various heightened surfaces. Each piece's title, color and position of conjoining planes hints at a subtle story or moment of existence. “Sunsets”, for example, portrays the passage of time with a brilliant blood-orange, changing tone over contrasting levels, alluding to the fading daytime sky. Dai Ban was born in Japan and later studied fine art and sculpture at Tokyo's Musashino Art University. He moved to the United States in 1985 and settled in the Berkshires via New York City, where he now lives and works. Piano Has Been Drinking d Scott Nelson Foster is perhaps best known for his black and white, monochromatic photo realist scenes of neighborhoods in small town America. Perfectly straight lines provide a stunning depth of perception, while calculated detail resemble that of a drawing or photograph. Foster does all of this and more, and he does it with watercolor; a medium so fluid and unforgiving that working on any surface larger than 9 x 12 inches becomes a physical test of the nerves. Foster’s previous depiction of suburban landscapes and city vignettes avoided the particular, shunning unique detail so the narratives spoke to a universal aesthetic. These scenes shared a certain passing of time, devoid of human life, and shaped the artist’s personal definition of beauty discovered in “absence and loss, not presence.” He relishes in the anonymity behind Mexican Grocery that is placed in “Anywhere USA”. In more recent paintings from 2015, however, the work takes a turn as his titles begin to name specific street corners in cities of the Capital Region of New York State. King Street, Troy illustrates an iconic intersection in Troy, NY – a city well known for its historic architecture and ever popular Saturday morning waterfront farmer’s market. For the first time, Foster allows small details to enter his paintings that place them in a certain time and place. Time and place once again intersect in a much more tangible way. The artist received his MFA in Painting and Drawing from Utah State University and currently paints and teaches at Siena College in Albany, NY. Madison Avenue, Albany_D Artist Paul Chojnowski is well known for his “fire drawings” of nocturnal cityscapes for which a blow torch is used to burn images into water soaked paper. He is is no stranger to experimentation and continues to push the limits of nontraditional media. “Paper, Plywood and Light”, introduces a fresh presentation of Chojnowski’s drawings, both in a series of Light Boxes and new works on rough cut plywood. The Light Boxes consist of smaller drawings suspended in mahogany boxes and back lit by LED lights. The glowing effects of a twinkling chandelier or illuminated skyscraper are heightened as they will be exhibited in a darkened gallery. Chojnowski introduces new imagery in the Light Boxes with the Cosmos Series, a group of “astronomical abstractions” in which he has introduced color to an otherwise dark palette. “Conceptually, it was a natural progression for me to enhance the illusion of light in my work,” says the artist. The new fire drawings on B/C grade plywood are burned, scorched, sanded and carved. Unlike his earlier work on fine grained Baltic birch plywood, these works begin with an image as a point of departure and then push the boundaries of his unique drawing process toward a more abstract end. Candere BC 2 d


New Exhibit at Caldwell Gallery Hudson


Caldwell Gallery Hudson opens “Plein Air Partners - Edith & Henry Prellwitz. Works from 1890-1940”. Edith Prellwitz and Henry Prellwitz were leading members of the Peconic Art Colony on the North Fork of Long Island. Both were trained at the Academie Julian and the Art Students League, and their Impressionist and Tonalist works capture the spirit of the varied subjects which inspired them. Exhibition runs through January 24th.

Caldwell Gallery Hudson is located at 355 Warren Street in Hudson, NY. For more information visit: http://www.caldwellgalleryhudson.com/exhibitions/plein-air-partners-edith-and-henry-prellwitz


Radical Inventions at Carrie Haddad Gallery

Walkabout (Past the Pond), 2015 24 x 28 inches oil on panel by David Konigsberg
Image Courtesy of the artist

Carrie Haddad Gallery is pleased to present “Radical Inventions”, an exhibit featuring the work of five gallery artists. Painters David Konigsberg and Ralph Stout will show recent work alongside gallery favorites of fellow artist, Shawn Snow. Multi-media constructions by Stephen King will also be featured with large abstract works by architect turned visual artist, Juan Garcia Nunez. On view Wednesday, November 18th through Sunday, December 27th. A reception for the artists will be held on Sunday, November 22nd from 2-4pm. All are welcome to attend.

For this show, David Konigsberg extends his depiction of a life imagined between heaven and earth, using storied vistas of the Hudson Valley as his enduring backdrop. In work completed this past spring and summer, he captures the vastness of our natural surroundings while weaving a host of clever idiosyncrasies into the clouded skies and rolling meadows. Open-cockpit flying machines hover and jet across the plain as billowing cumuli loom in paintings like Return, Before the Weather and Coast Patrol. Angels, simultaneously human and divine, populate the world at ground level, whether silently exploring the valleys in paintings like Overland #3 and Walkabout (Past the Pond), or landing by the house to confront the viewer in pieces like Alight and Angels in the Backyard. Beyond subject matter, the magic of the work can be found in Konigsberg’s handling of paint, in both the gestural brushwork that propels his characters and the use of layers to create illusions—for example, of haze or morning mist in an environment filled with atmospheric drama. David Konigsberg has exhibited with Carrie Haddad Gallery for more than a decade. A former resident of Brooklyn, he lives full time with his wife Peg Patterson in Hudson.

Stephen King began making mixed media constructions at the age of 16. Born to parents who were both illustrators, cartoonists and painters, it is no wonder that King turned to creative outlets to communicate with his own inner voices. The selections from the Labyrinth Mind series featured in this exhibit will offer a window into that conversation. Inspired by the old Victorian house he lived in as a child, King applies a fascination with secret corridors, dark corners and looming shadows as a way to explore his own psyche. In the case of the Labyrinthine series, King inserts personal symbols in box-like constructions in an attempt to navigate the labyrinth of his being. Recurring images within the work communicate his path to self-enlightenment. Red lines, stairs, and ladders denoting a path from the subconscious are followed by planes or spheres in the search for freedom into elements of gold, representing enlightenment. While a highly personal exploration, King’s work also touches on a universal sentiment shared by everyone seeking individual expression and discovery. King has shown in multiple New York City exhibits and has been with Carrie Haddad Gallery for more than twenty years. 36419f66-dc2e-4574-8d94-8a0a36ae6bad Corpus, 2015 30 x 24 inches oil on canvas by Ralph Stout
Image courtesy of the artist

Since devoting himself full time to visual art after a long career in computer technology and mathematics, Ralph Stout experiments daily with various media including charcoal or graphite on paper, acrylic on canvas, and photography. New selections from his studio for this exhibit include an array of vividly colored painted compositions with definitive lines, contrasting hues and blocked shapes. Puzzle-like masses that curve and bend interlock to form alluring abstractions on a plane of unexpected color combinations. Stout’s singular style follows him as he traverses mediums; the manipulations of stark contrast is as evident in his pigmented palettes as in the play on light and shadow in his black and white photographs. These commonalities all contribute to an aesthetic that is uniquely Stout’s, allowing us to trace his evolution as an artist and mastery of whichever medium he chooses to employ. The artist currently lives and works in East Hampton, NY.

In this exhibit the gallery revisits three paintings by Shawn Snow made in 2010. Inspired by stones, stains from nature, erosion and artists such as Rothko and Sam Francis, Snow produces meditative fields of color by layering oil paints with a fast drying alkyd medium. The network of layers is bound to a complex under-painting with broad bands of pigment while the rapid drying alkyd allows Snow to continue the succession quite quickly, revealing beautiful boundaries of color. With his painting Snow strives for purity, seeking “depth without illusion”, using horizons of colors as a harmonious language to create chords, scales and tones. The artist has exhibited extensively in the New England region and has shown with Carrie Haddad Gallery for more than ten years.

Juan Garcia-Nunez continues to create highly textured works on paper, but has expanded on the series to encompass compositions of acrylic and ink on styrene reaching up to six feet tall. Void of color, the three large works in the exhibit feature towering white abstractions fragmented with a palette knife and brush against a deep black canvas of ink. Nunez's textured towers are likely informed by the artist's architectural background which has entered his work in painting, video, film, and philosophy. Nunez has exhibited in New York, Connecticut, and Latin America. In addition to painting, Juan remains passionate about architecture and was awarded at the NARA/TOTO World Architecture Triennial in Japan. Garcia-Nunez is currently professor of Visual Arts at Dutchess Community College.

Carrie Haddad Gallery is open daily from 11-5pm and is located at 622 Warren Street in Hudson, NY. Visit our website at carriehaddadgallery.com. For more information and directions, contact us at (518) 828-1915 or send an email to [email protected]


McDaris Fine Art Opening This Saturday

Join us this Saturday, November 21 from 6 to 8pm for the opening reception of our latest exhibit featuring works by Barney Bellinger, Patricia Powers, Martin Katzoff, Kim Bach, Ken Polinskie and Maude White. The exhibit will run from November 21 through December 28, 2015. McDaris Fine Art is located at 623 Warren St, Hudson, NY. For more information please call 212.518.7551 or visit mcdarisfineart.com


Galerie Gris / Kylie Heidenheimer



Galerie Gris is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Kylie Heidenheimer, featuring large scale paintings and work on paper. In this solo show there is a tension that energizes the work, the pieces pulsate and undulate while the figure and ground float and hover. The imagery suggests the cavernous, the aqueous or the cosmological. Lines and marks lead to structures that unfold and evolve and are integral to the works’ contents, which are built upon the wresting and twisting of spaces.

GALERIE GRIS is located at 621 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534 / tel:518.828.16177

Gris2 Gris-1


Echoes of the Borscht Belt Exhibit at Valley Variety


Photographs by Marisa Scheinfeld
November 16-December 31

Artist Talk & Reception
Saturday, December 12, 2015
5:30 - 8:30 PM

Valley Variety is pleased to present Echoes of the Borscht Belt, a series of photographs by Marisa Scheinfeld. From the 1920s through the 1960s, the Catskill Mountains were a popular vacation destination for millions of Americans, many of them Jews. The resorts of Sullivan and Ulster County, often referred to as the Borscht Belt, combined family-oriented activities with nighttime entertainment, especially stand-up comedy, in the region’s theaters and showrooms. At its peak during the post-WW II era, the region sustained more than 1,000 resorts and hotels and over 800 bungalow colonies.

Growing up in Sullivan County, Scheinfeld visited the area’s resorts many times throughout her childhood. In 2010, she returned to the area to start her documentary photo project. “I feel a strong connection to the region and, as a photographer, I felt inclined to document its history, decline and what has come of it. I was drawn to the hotels because of their rich history but found unexpected beauty in their current, changing landscape.”

Echoes of the Borscht Belt presents a survey of this former era while reflecting upon the transformations of time on the built environment. The photographs show the structures, abandoned and forgotten within the mountainous landscape of their former pasts, lying in a state of exquisite and captivating entropy. In September of 2016, Cornell University Press will publish a monograph of Scheinfeld’s photographs on the Borscht Belt.

Please join us on Saturday, December 12, 5:30-8:30pm for an Artist Talk and Reception. In addition to speaking about her process, Scheinfeld will share her personal collection of memorabilia from the region’s glory days—postcards, menus, hotel ashtrays and matchbooks—as well as images from her “re-photographic” series, in which she used vintage promotional shots of the resorts as inspiration for new photos showing the same settings as they look now.

Guests will be treated to a tasty selection of Eastern European inspired dishes along with wines thoughtfully selected by Hudson Wine Merchants. Tickets are $25 per person. Space is limted. It is recommended to reserve in advance at Valley Variety or online at www.valleyvariety.com/art.


Scheinfeld was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1980 and raised in the Catskills. She took her first black and white photography class at age 15 and hasn’t put the camera down since. In 2002, she graduated from SUNY Albany with a BA in Studio Art & Photography, and in 2011, she received her MFA from San Diego State University. Scheinfeld’s photographic projects and books are among the collections of Yeshiva University Museum, Lynn Kroll, The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, CA, The La Jolla Athenaeum in La Jolla, CA, The Edmund and Nancy K. Dubois Library at the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, CA and The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation in New York, NY. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Washington, DC, California, Kansas and London, UK.

Valley Variety displays rotating exhibitions of contemporary artists in its expansive and airy space. The Warren Street storefront offers a thoughtful selection of lifestyle products and furniture for everyday living. In addition, the space is outfitted with a chef’s kitchen and hosts product demos, cooking classes and special events. Hours: 11am-6pm; 7 days a week. Valley Variety is located at 705 Warren Street in Hudson NY.

ZEN DOT ENERGY Exhibit Extended Through December


FRG OBJECTS & DESIGN / ART is pleased to extend Zendot2 NOW ON VIEW THROUGH DECEMBER 2015

The ZEN DOT ENERGY series, completed in 2004 by painter MERRILL STEIGER, was born out of an extended art meditation leading to an intuitive transformation and reflection of India's tantric traditions of circles and chakras.

The obsessive detailing of the ZEN DOT ENERGY series emanates a universally understood electric current felt across cultural boundaries. Steiger deploys pointillism, scale shift, color harmony and spatial involution giving the viewer a sense of hallucinatory vibration. The work seems to be in a continuous state of generative unfolding sustaining the eye and mind. This vibrational effect of illusory movement frees us of pre-conditioned, regulated western strictures, delivering a sense of liberation.

Merrill Steiger is a mid-career artist, living and working in New York City and Woodstock, NY. She has exhibited extensively in both solo and group exhibitions at museums, university galleries, art fairs, and galleries nationwide. The most recent solo exhibitions include Spectrum Miami in Miami, FL and ArtExpo and the Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York City. Her work is also housed in a number of public, private, and permanent collections.


Image 1: Chakra, 2002, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 60 in Image 2: Exhibition detail: Painting by Merrill Steiger, Energy #1, acrylic on canvas, 72 x 60 in

Rick Gillette
[email protected]
Tel: 646.483.9109

217 Warren Street, 2nd Floor
Hudson, New York 12534

Thursday - Monday 12-6pm
and by appointment

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SUPERSYMMETRY at Christopher Coleman Collection


The Christopher Coleman Collection presents "SUPERSYMMETRY", artworks by Venezuelan artist and architect, Salul Galavis, in his first New York exhibit. Opening Saturday, October 17th, 6-9pm, at the Christopher Coleman Collection, 604 Warren Street, Hudson, New York. The exhibit will run through Thanksgiving.


Galerie Gris - Lizzie Scott

September 11th - October 26th, 2015
Artist Reception: Saturday, September 19th 6:00 to 8:00 PM


Galerie Gris is pleaded to announce an exhibition of new work by Lizzie Scott featuring textile constructions and drawings. These large scale textile-muslin based object paintings called 'Drifters' are loosely based on the structure of sleeping bags. In this series, she cuts and stitches lengths of cloth and other materials into irregular geometric shapes, applying paint in additional translucent geometric forms creating a layered perspective. The intricacy in their construction does not disguise the simple everyday materials, each is made in the same way. There is no top or bottom, the pieces can be hung upside down because there is no right side up and whether on the wall or folded sculpturally on the floor each new orientation makes the piece look different.

While doing away with the traditional artistic concern with composition and focusing on 'construction' she is seeking to liberate painting from it's fixed state, using it's power to expand our experience of the 3-dimensional 'real world'. Expanding on the idea of art as object, these textile constructions are at once conceptual yet rigorously formal.

GALERIE GRIS / 621 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534/ tel:518.828.1677