CM Cherry

PHONE: (518) 697.9508
Website: www.cmcherry.com 

CM Cherry is a specially curated selection of rare and unique objects of glass, crystal and lighting collected by Claude M. Cherry of Hudson, NY. A former model and fashion designer, Mr. Cherry has assembled over ten years' worth of fine collecting, which entices the viewer to experience the graces of a bygone age.

Crafted of hand-blown glass, CM Cherry candles create a striking presentation of transparency and light, especially when paired with Mr. Cherry's collection of vintage crystal and glass candlesticks and candelabras. CM Cherry's glass candles have the ability to burn continuously with a clean flame for over five hours, using pure liquid paraffin oil, which is without scent. Easily filled and refilled, the candles feature an enclosed wick that requires no trimming.

The CM Cherry Collection is available online at www.cmcherry.com. It is also available at Lili and Loo, 259 Warren Street, Hudson, NY, (518) 822.9492 and at Classic Country, 2948 County Road 9, East Chatham, NY, 12060 (518) 392.2211. To purchase the collection by phone or email, please dial Claude Cherry at (518) 697.9508 or write to [email protected]