News from Foreground Conservation and Decorative Arts


Foreground Conservation and Decorative Arts LLC, now located in Chatham, NY, has just completed a 2 year project, our 3rd project at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC. We conserved and restored the painted decoration on the timbered ceiling and the mural frieze in the Veterans Room, designed and executed by Associated Artists in 1882. Samuel Coleman, who took part in the decoration of the Mark Twain house in Connecticut, was responsible for the stenciling at the ceiling. When we got to the project, the 222 plaster ceiling panels had all been over painted in brown and aluminum. We chemically removed these over layers, and documented the original stenciled and hand painted decoration in order to reproduce the original decoration in the original yellow and pewter. We removed the aluminum over paint and darkened varnish at the timbered beams to expose the original intact decoration. We cleaned, mended the multiple tears and losses to the burlap support, and lined to new linen all 22 frieze panels in our Chatham studio.

The room is finally open. Below is a link to one of the most illustrative of many recent news posts about the project:


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