Peter Fox at Galerie Gris


Galerie Gris' current exhibition of new paintings and work on paper by Peter Fox runs through December 8th.

In a group of work ranging from small 12 by 12 inch squares to larger full scale pieces, he meticulously crafts rich primary colored paintings with spontaneous and fluid compositions. Fox mixes colors by building a material construction of paint and accumulates layered pigmented lines of colored drips that impale the surface as they collide into one another from all directions. Painting with a series of invented applicators, he arranges the colors and drips the paint onto inclined canvases allowing chance and fluid dynamics a central role in shaping both the process and outcome, with the paint leading the conversation. There is a physicality in the surface of the paintings that suggests the gestural abstraction and immediacy of Action Painting. Fox maintains a careful control (through observation and repetition) of his materials that conceal the process of his creation - a multilayered and highly choreographed procedure.

AURAL2008AC10X8LR In his work Fox continues the conversation: is art an act rather than an object, a process rather than a product or is the finished painting a physical manifestation of the actual work of art? He concludes, ”The object language I engage (with a smile) is ‘Abstract Painting’.”

Galerie Gris is located at 621 Warren Street in Hudson, NY. For more information, please call (518) 828-1677. Gallery hours are Thur - Mon 11am-5pm.