Alexander Oleksyn at Galerie Gris


Galerie Gris is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Alexander Oleksyn. The exhibit runs from September 4th through October 13.

In a series of black and white paintings he explores the reductive visual language of minimalist geometric abstraction, directing it towards the individual, unpredictable and ultimately random identity of form and materials. Oleksyn works freehand creating irregularities of line that allow the slight variations of his brush to show, the paintings are minimal in appearance and subtly personal. He uses an 'appropriated geometry' that's familiar and is deeply rooted in our processes of seeing. There is an interplay of geometric and organic, of the regularized and the uncontrolled that reveal the tactile traces of his encounter with the materials. Repetition and scale are the interpretive tools Oleksyn uses to allude to the variability of differences. In these 'self contained' paintings, the flatness of the surface is not based on the foreground but the depth of the canvas and introduces an element of tension. In the smaller works on paper, Oleksyn uses 'color as a conduit of association'. He creates a free-form language - a rhythm - combing elements that repeat, interlock and weave together, but with variation producing a harmony of sorts. They are lyrical, with no figurative allusions, exploring the pure abstract potential of form.

"The compositions of my paintings are determined by the physical constraints under which they are made; They shape of a surface, the size of the brush, and the characteristics of the paint used. While laying bare the process of how they are made, these paintings strive to allude beyond themselves and intend to evoke a range of responses from the viewer." -- Alexander Oleksyn

The gallery is located at 621 Warren Street in Hudson, NY. Gallery hours are Thur through Mon from 11am to 5pm. For more information please call (518) 828-1677.