Artist Bisco Smith at Harvey's Counter


Drawing inspiration from the industry that once was, the machines that power today, and the confines of fences and walls, Hudson Rails by Bisco Smith is a collection of imagery, textures, and energies captured along explorations of these often overlooked environments. The work captures the weathered feel of found objects using a rough mix of paint, paper, and ink displayed on handmade wood panels. With over twenty pieces on display at Harvey's Counter, the collection can be viewed as a single mosaic that takes viewers on a journey through time and the unexplored--or, as individual pieces that give the sense of artifacts scavenged and framed for an uncommon appreciation. The pieces are mixed media, a build up of textures using several layers of paint and a transfer process.

Bisco Smith is an artist / designer based in Venice, California. Originally from the east coast, Bisco’s love for art and music landed him in Brooklyn during the late 90’s where he got his start. While there, Bisco studied communication design at Pratt Institute, painted walls, and pushed his music and art throughout the city. For over a decade, Bisco has been working as an original artist, skilled at expressing social awareness through a refined urban, visual style. Ultimately, Bisco’s mission is to elevate thought and make work that adds to the common good.

See the work in person at Harvey's Counter, 443 Warren Street in Hudson, NY
or online at harveryscounter.com.