Other Worlds at McDaris Fine Art


A new exhibit has just opened at McDaris Fine Art. Other Worlds brings together three accomplished, mid-career artists whose works are cerebral, spiritual, and abstract to varying degrees. They make invisible worlds visible. The exhibit runs from October 4 through November 4.

David Eustace’s paintings manifest experiments, observations, and projections. Elements of mysticism and magic are signposts that mark the coming of a momentous event. Each work can be seen to have its place in a succession from order to complexity and chaos. These mixed media paintings have been exposed to outside weather conditions for lengthy periods of time so they are literally records of change. They conflate the Middle Ages with our own moment in history. As a collecion of works, they foreshadow a period of radical tranformation where, ironically, ancient ages are reborn within them.

Patrick Keesey’s paintings and drawings sandwich two and three dimensions to effect airy, architectural structures or dense , teeming shapes built up by a distinctive mark making. They are all the more extraordinary for their process involving drawing while acutely focusing on the subject alone. Inherently theoretical, they explore drawing as a highly analytical practice as well as a meditative one. Their palettes are complementary to the drawing technique to the extent that they appear to have selected themselves. They disassemble the natural world and put it back together intriguingly and tenderly as a portrait of late day, a puzzle, rumination, poetry.

There is an intense, palpable introspection in Joseph Stabilito’s paintings. Astonishing flora and fauna are suspended in space the parameters of which are defined emotionally and psychologically. Shapes emerge from an atmosphere punctuated by lines curving in on themselves. Light spills onto the canvas in splendor, searches the deep, glows incessantly, or is remarkably absent. These paintings are not afraid to be beautiful which, in turn, underscores artistic strength, confidence, experience. They make visible the psychological crucible in which individuality is forged, and through which all of humanity is linked.

For more information visit www.mcdarisfineart.com.
Top Image: Joseph Stabilito, Dark Before, 2010, acrylic on canvas, 72 x 60 inches