On Exhibit at Carrie Haddad Gallery

50 years Clutz 4_D

Carrie Haddad Gallery is pleased to present a rather special exhibit on view from September 19th to October 27th: New York City: A Glance at Fifty Years.

New York City: A Glance at Fifty Years is a rare opportunity to view a spectrum of artwork that emerged during several highly charged decades of the 20th century and into the 21st. All three artists, William Clutz (1933-present), Edward Avedisian (1936-2007), and Richard Merkin(1938-2009) lived and worked in NYC and most of the paintings in this exhibit were created there. All three artists had a love for figurative painting at a time when the forefront of a very competitive and unforgiving market was abstraction and non-representational art. All teachers of their trade, (42 years at RISD for Merkin, 9 at Parsons for Clutz, and less for Avedisian), these artists were able to express the energy, beauty and fascination of NYC that is felt by anyone who has lived there. All are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

Another commonality of the threesome is a love of the Hudson Valley. Avedisian moved here first in the 70's with his partner Judson Baldwin, Clutz arrived in the early 90's with his partner John Sheehy, and Merkin moved to Croton-on-Harmon about the same time, with his wife Heather.
Fifth Avenue Pants for Lipstick d Richard Merkin, Fifth Avenue Pants for Lipstick, 1975

As Carrie Haddad recalls, "I don't believe they ever met each other. Funny. The only other thing these artists have in common is that fact that I knew them all fairly well for many years. I met Richard Merkin one night, 35 years ago, at the restaurant One Fifth. Merkin was close friends with a man I was dating, a lawyer Tom Wolfe based a character on. We had a great time that night. Eddie and Richard met each other through a passion for clothing, and were both stunning dressers, with their custom-tailored shirts, suits, and shoes. Merkin met Tom Wolfe the same way - through the clothing. Merkin was charming, elegant, and curious. How fun to meet him again years later--and he remembered me! We became close friends and worked on many exhibits together and now I represent his art estate.

I met Edward Avedisian in 1987, before I even thought of opening a gallery on Warren Street. I wrote him a note to introduce myself because I liked his house - typical for Hudson. He and Judson were total characters and we eventually became very close friends - while we were speaking to each other! Edward was a complicated man and an excellent artist. I am very lucky to have access to so much of his work. And then I met William Clutz in 1993 when he walked into my gallery with one of his paintings to exhibit. That was certainly a lucky day for me. We have worked together ever since and, more than any other artist, I admire his talent, integrity, gentility and wit. Clutz's work in the exhibit is more of a retrospective spanning his last 50 years of painting and his very particular vision of NYC."

Click here to preview the exhibit and be sure to stop in to the gallery at 622 Warren Street to see the work in person! Flying Luck d Edward Avedisian, Flying Luck (green and blue), 1964
Top image: works by William Clutz