Jean Labourdette at Harvey's Counter


Harvey's Counter is incredibly excited to be showing a selection of exclusive limited edition prints from artist Jean Labourdette, also known as Turf One.

Jean's unique artistic vision and signature aesthetic have taken him on a path from Parisian graffiti artist in the late 80's into a renowned artist showing in some of the worlds more prestigious galleries. Turf One is currently on display at the Stranger Factory in Albuquerque, NM with artist Travis Louie for the two man show Tiny Theater Of The Absurd.

HC2 Harvey's Counter is honored to have the privilege of displaying five prints by Jean Labourdette. Two of these images (Monkey and The Rising) are being released for the first time ever in print form at shop in Hudson. Jean Labourdette and Harvey's Counter are offering an extremely limited run of three prints for each of the images on hand, so be sure to not miss out on an opportunity to add one of these to your collection. As a special added bonus, the first print of each set will be hand gold-leafed by the artist and framed.

Stop by and see the work in person at 443 Warren Street in Hudson, NY