Proprietors Theatre Co.
& Hudson Antiques


The Proprietors Theatre Company has teamed up with the some of our Hudson Antique shops to craft a piece of locally sourced theatre! Attend "This" and check out beautiful authentic Hudson products from HADA members FINCH life curated, Neven & Neven Moderne & Carousel Antiques (all items are for sale - so if you see something you love, just ask!)

Melissa James Gibson's acclaimed play "This" will be performed July 18-20 at Henry Hudson Studios, 726 Union St., Hudson, NY.

Gibson's play dazzled New York audiences when it debuted four years ago and The Proprietors is holding its upstate premiere, presented in a distinctly Hudson gallery setting. “This” is a blistering yet heartfelt comedy about longtime friends struggling to transition from the carefree "that" of growing up to the unsolved "this" of being grown-up.

The Proprietors will craft a piece of "locally sourced" theatre by creating a living room set comprised almost entirely of authentic Hudson products. They are teaming up with the following antique stores: The Collector’s Eye LLC, FINCH life curated, Carousel, and Neven and Neven Moderne. Kristi Funk Dana, Producing Artistic Director of The Proprietors Theatre Company, grew up in Hudson, NY. Funk Dana is a trained actor and teacher (B.A., Theatre Arts, Penn State; M.A., Theatre Ed., Emerson College; M.F.A., Acting, Brooklyn College, CUNY). As she visited family and friends over the years, she became inspired by the growth of its arts community. Last year, she decided to create The Proprietors Theatre Company as a way to give back to Hudson and become involved in its rapidly growing theatre scene. In August 2012 The Proprietors held their inaugural event at Basilica Hudson. In the saucy and hilarious historical romp, “Or,” by Liz Duffy Adams, Funk Dana acted alongside two other professionally trained New York actors. The evening was a great success, boasting 50 attendees and a fabulous response.

The Proprietors held their first-ever Young Proprietors Acting Workshop (ages 11-18) on Saturday, May 11th at Columbia Greene Community College. Funk Dana and Proprietors Company Member, Emma Myers, taught acting technique including voice and movement for the actor, improvisation, ensemble awareness, script analysis and character building. The students had a wonderful time and The Proprietors looks forward to holding another workshop in the future.

To purchase tickets for “This,” visit www.proprietorstheatre.org. To contact The Proprietors: [email protected] or call 646.831.3517