A Visit from Vintage Vandalizm


Jasmin Rodriguez, of the blog Vintage Vandalizm, a style blog dedicated to 1940, ’50s, and ’60s pinup culture, recently visited Hudson's antique shops and shared the trip with her readers:

“I wish I could relive this day over and over with the fun I had. Hudson is a beautiful place full of history that has been greatly preserved. There was magic on every single corner and the houses and buildings were works of art. We visited all of the vintage and antique shops and boy did I find some treasure! Finally; a place just a bus ride away, that has wonderful and affordable vintage and antiques. It is when you travel beyond the overpriced vintage of Manhattan that you discover much better pieces that won’t burn holes in your pockets. I also really loved the characters I met there, many of the shop owners were such fun and fabulous people.”


pictured: the inside of HADA member Antique Underground's shop on the 700 block, which Jasmin called, "HANDS DOWN, the BEST antique shop I have EVER been to. Period. The entire shop was a gold mine for the best antiques that are neatly merchandised."

Check out Jasmin's full post here!
All photos courtesy of Vintage Vandalizm/Jasmin Rodriguez