News from Foreground

You might have noticed that we at Foreground Conservation and Decorative Arts have been absent from our storefront at 6 Park Place for the last couple of months... We apologize, but have been taken temporarily away from you by a very exciting project!

Foreground has been contracted to conserve 2 rooms at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC. This building is a museum of original Aesthetic period decorative painting, with rooms designed by the studios of Tiffany, Herter Brothers, Stanford White, etc.

We are working on two rooms by Pottier and Stymus on the 2nd floor. Specifically, we are removing all of the unoriginal paint layers from the interiors to expose the original 1880's decoration- which hasn't been visible for 120 years! It's a super-exciting project for us, but it takes us away from our Hudson Valley community. Please stick with us, we will be back in the Spring, and look forward to doing business with all of you.
One more piece of news: John Lippert has succesfully become a Professional Associate of the American Institute for the Conservation of Artistic and Historic Works (AIC,) the professional orginization which defines and maintains standards for conservators in the US. This was a process that involved alot of peer review, and brings to Foreground professional recognition for the 21 years that Mr. Lippert has participated in conservation projects around the United States.
We will be back in mid-April, you will see us on the weekend- don't stop calling us for any consultation or help!