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Lili and Loo


“Like Barney's on the tarmac.” That's how one customer described Lili and Loo way back in 2000, (when it began on a few card tables at the 79th Street Flea Market behind the Museum of Natural History in New York City). Opening the next year in Hudson, the shop atmosphere is worldly, stylish and sophisticated with a fresh and unexpected mix of objects, furniture and art.  The merchandise is all about balance.  No item in the store fails the test. A large vase will have some interesting surface to balance the size. A linear salad bowl will be made of bright red lacquered bamboo to add excitement to simple lines.  Each product is chosen because of this inherent good design—and good price.



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Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors at Lili and Loo

Lili and Loo at the corner of 3rd and Warren Streets sells a very wide range of contemporary mirrors, ranging in price from under $100 to over $1,000. Many more examples and details can be found on their website.

Perfect to Sink Into


With its foursquare lines, generously sized proportions and handcrafted stressed-leather upholstery, the Nolita chair at Lili and Loo makes a  suave contemporary statement as casually inviting as it is good- looking.