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[The] Basics

Business Hours: Some (though not all) local businesses are closed mid-week, and many don’t open until 11 am or noon. You may want to call ahead if you intend to visit a specific store or attraction to check their hours.

Parking: Six days a week from 9-5 pm (except on Sundays and in the month of December) parking on the main shopping street, Warren, is metered—25 cents per hour. There are some municipal lots just off Warren (in the 300 block, the 400 block, north of the 500 block, and south of the 600 block) which offer two hours for 25 cents.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If parking overnight in most of Hudson, be advised that the City has an alternate-side parking plan which can be quite confusing to the uninitiated, as follows... When in doubt, ask your innkeeper, host, or most anyone on the street!

If the following day is odd-numbered, vehicles must be parked on the “odd side” of the street starting at midnight of that day. If tomorrow is even-numbered, park on the “even side” of the street at midnight (with odd and even sides being determined by the house numbers.) Parking is allowed on either side starting at 8 am. Any tickets must be paid within 30 days, or fees can escalate quickly.