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Knoll chair, red

This vintage red, upholstered Knoll swivel chair just sold for $400 at Carousel Antiques.

•• $251-$500: MORE POSTS

Fired Up


Scott Neven has a panoply of fireplace implements, ranging in price from $175 to $495, right in time for the cold weather... at Neven and Neven Moderne in the 600 block.    

Lighting the Way

Lighting at Carousel Antiques

This stop light ($250) and chandelier ($299) are on display at Carousel Antiques, at 611 Warren Street.

New Hampshire Bee Skep

Skep at David Dew Bruner Design

This truly amazing mud-and-twig early bee skep from New Hampshire, in as-found condition.  Looks great in combination with African objects, or would fit in beautifully with any early American decor. Available for $395 at David Dew Bruner Design.  SOLD

Primitive Carved Child’s Chair


This primitive carved wooden child’s chair is $300 at 3FortySeven (347 Warren Street, 518-291-4780, ).

Floral Form Building Stars


These beautiful cast-iron building stars were originally used to help keep the facades of buildings attached to the wooden infrastructure. The smaller one is about 8 inches tall and the larger about 12 inches... They are $325 each at david dew bruner design.

European Iron Flax Comb

Flaxcomb This early iron flaxcomb from Europe stands about 12" tall, on a custom base.

It was used for separating the fibers of the flax plant in the process of making linen.




david dew bruner design, 610 Warren Street, (914)466-4857.