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12: modern antiquities


12 is a modern antiquities shop dreamed up by two artists, which features obsessively-curated ancient objects, period antiques, and vintage finds, plus beautiful items that strike our fancy, such as fine jewelry.



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Regan & Smith Chandelier

image from http://hada.typepad.com/.a/6a0134884a362e970c013489a1f0fb970c-pi

This glass flower-motif chandelier is offered at $975 by Regan & Smith. You can reach them at (917) 757-5310, or get more contact info at their HADA page.

Fired Up


Scott Neven has a panoply of fireplace implements, ranging in price from $175 to $495, right in time for the cold weather... at Neven and Neven Moderne in the 600 block.    

Danish Folk Art Chair

Danish Folk Art Chair at Arenskjold Antiques

This unusual Danish painted chair from an in in the Rebild Forest Reserve is dated 1921. The Forest Reserve was started by a group of Danish Americans 150 years ago. Every year there are American celebrations there, particularly on July 4th.  The preserve was started to protect the heathland and heather on the hills around Rebild in Jutland. Price: $850 at Arenskjold Antiques.

Large Industrial Mould


This dramatic industrial mould is 7' in diameter, constructed of wood painted black with hand-painted markings. This exceptional piece originated in Philadelphia (PA), and is available for $1,650 from Keystone on the Hudson. The shop can be reached by phone at (518) 822-1019.

Botanical Charts

Botanical Charts by Jung Koch Quentell

Botanical Charts by Jung Koch Quentell: are $250 each at 3FortySeven. For more information, email [email protected] or call (518) 291-4780.

Wind-up Paak-Paak

Paak-Paak toy

Patented in 1903, this early lithographed tin wind-up toy is in excellent condition, with bright graphics and working wind-up mechanism. Available at Kendon Antiques, 508 Warren Street, (518) 822-8627.