April 4, 2017

Gallery Stroll April 8 at RADC

The five galleries inside the The Warehouse / RADC, 99 South 3rd St, door 21 are participating in the BeLo3rd Gallery Stroll on Saturday April 8
2 galleries are having openings the other 3 will be open with ongoing exhibitions.
ART HOUSE - Grand opening 
Owner: Christene Selleck
Featuring American artist: Ron Erickson
Show title: Mid Career Retrospective: “On The Jersey Side” – (oil on canvass)
Earle Mitchell Gallery - Show opening: featuring the works of local Hudson artist, Reggie Madison (oil on canvass, works from the past 15 years)
These 3 galleries have ongoing exhibitions
Wasserbach Fine Art - featuring found objects sculptures of Mark Wasserbach
Sarah Berney Art - Sarah displaying her new and existing work
Tery Fugate-Wilcox Gallery - Featuring works of multiple artists: Barry Gerson, Amanda Park Taylor, Jethro Nisson, Tom McGill, Tara Angell
Riverfront Antiques & Design Center