July 13, 2017

Galerie Gris / Cynthia Carlson

Galerie Gris GG4
JUNE 8TH – JULY 24TH, 2017

Galerie Gris is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new work by Cynthia Carlson. Inspired by Roman baroque ceiling paintings and their illusionistic possibilities, these new paintings maintain a formalistic approach where the more structured, more pictorial side of the work meets the more chaotic and eccentric. The individual paintings are shaped canvases constructed of multiple canvases assembled to create one unified piece. Each has their own motif or symbol, but also functions as part of the larger image. These irregular shaped canvases sometimes form negative spaces, a ‘keyhole’ shape, which makes the exterior edges respond to the energetic rhythms of elements pictured within and also questions the boundaries between painting and sculpture. The color is both physical and ephemeral creating a playful exuberance in these canvases that seem to evolve into shaped rectangular archipelagos or clusters intersecting with unknown consequences.

Blue Beyond the Borders, PT-16-20

Galerie Gris 11

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