October 26, 2017


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FRG img3 october 2017

ON VIEW | “Breschi: Acrylic Paintings on Canvas”
FRG Objects & Design / Art is pleased to exhibit a selection of acrylic paintings on canvas by Italian artist Fabrizio Breschi. Crisp geometric shapes and a Mondrian-like emphasis on negative space are at the core of Breschi’s non-objective compositions, softened by meticulously executed, gently shifting color spectra.

Inspired by technological imagery of his home town, Livorno, Breschi layers matte acrylic paints to resemble polished chrome, creating gleaming tubes that course between canvases like elaborate mechanical systems. In a more representational selection of work, traditionally bulky, rectangular robots appear surprisingly domestic.

Breschi, at 35, was the youngest professor-lecturer in the history of the prestigeous Accademia de Belle Art (Brera), Milan, to hold the painting chair.

He has exhibited in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, and the United States. His 25-foot metal sculpture, Grande V was installed in Piazza della Victoria, Livorno in August, 2017.

The gallery is located at 217 Warren Street, 2nd Floor, Hudson, NY and is open Thursday through Monday12 – 6 PM. Contact curator Rick Gillette with inquiries: .