August 26, 2017


FRG Art4

1. “Meecer Lafayyet” 2015 85″ x 75″ by Phippe Halaburda, price upon request, contact us at  for any questions you may have.

FRG Art August26

2.”Mineta” 2015 85″ x 75″ by Philippe Halaburda, price upon request, reflected at FRG OBJECTS & DESIGN / ART summer 2017

FRG Art2

3. All Art by Philippe Halaburda

IW Slit Top Coffee Table and AE Coffee Bench by
Joshua Howe Design
Prices upon request 

FRG Art3

4. Summer look at FRG OBJECTS & DESIGN / ART
Curated by Rick Gillette 2017. Paintings and Tubes by Philippe Halaburda On View Thru Sept. 2017

Steel and Concrete Furnture by Joshua Howe
Prices upon request 

FRG Art4