August 26, 2017


FRG Art4

1. “Meecer Lafayyet” 2015 85″ x 75″ by Phippe Halaburda, price upon request, contact us at 646-483-9109 for any questions you may have.

FRG Art August26

2.”Mineta” 2015 85″ x 75″ by Philippe Halaburda, price upon request, reflected at FRG OBJECTS & DESIGN / ART summer 2017

FRG Art2

3. All Art by Philippe Halaburda

IW Slit Top Coffee Table and AE Coffee Bench by
Joshua Howe Design
Prices upon request 646-483-9109

FRG Art3

4. Summer look at FRG OBJECTS & DESIGN / ART
Curated by Rick Gillette 2017. Paintings and Tubes by Philippe Halaburda On View Thru Sept. 2017

Steel and Concrete Furnture by Joshua Howe
Prices upon request 646-483-9109

FRG Art4