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Arenskjold Antiques Art

623 Warren Street

Kim and Jennifer Arenskjold together have 55 years of experience in the antiques business. Kim started out with a store in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the early 70's, and later moved to Houston, Texas where he had a successful store for seven years before moving to Hudson in 1989. Jennifer had opened her store, The Irish Princess, importing form Ireland and England in Hudson in 1985, a pioneer at the time. They married and amalgamated their businesses in 1995, forming Arenskjold Antiques Art.

They hgave always specialized in a unique mix of continental antiques, decorative objects and 19th century European paintings. For the last five years they have focused on Danish modern, mid century furniture. They are now located at 623 Warren Street, at the corner of 7th and Warren and have an adjacent 4000 square foot showroom at Cherry Alley and 7th Street, one of Hudson's great back street locations.

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