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Hitchcock and Eve

624 Warren Street

Welcome to, the home of Hitchcock & Eve LLC on the web. We are a gallery presenting arts from various traditions on the web as well as in our store in Hudson, New York.

Browse the Collection to see the art we are currently carrying. If you don't see exactly what you want, please Contact Us about your collecting interests as we look for particular items for our clients upon request.

Hitchcock & Eve has been created with several things in mind.

First, we want to provide an environment where artistic production is looked at within historical, cultural, and ideological contexts, where the life and ideas of a culture or individual are seen as a significant component of what we respond to and appreciate in a work of art.

Second, we want through bringing several traditions under a single roof to draw attention to the connections between those traditions, and to look at the value of an aesthetic object as an instance of a philosophy or mi

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