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20th Century Gallery

605 Warren Street


Frank Rosa’s career path started in aeronautics, but as fate would have it he was introduced to the antique trade by his current partner and antiques dealer, Alfons Sutter, who owned Sutter Antiques on 10th Street and Broadway in New York City. In 1989 they moved their business to Hudson, New York. They were pioneers, helping make Warren Street the antique Mecca it is today. It wasn’t until a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1994 that Rosa fell in love with mid-century modern. He realized the fifties wasn’t all kitsch; there were beautiful woods and polished finishes. Warm, sophisticated and elegant furniture. He immediately decided to deal in mid-century modern and opened 20th Century Galley in 1995. Rosa loves the business, the hunt and history behind each object and their beauty.

Frank Rosa’s recent relocation to a 5000 square foot showroom in the Heart of Hudson, New York, allowed him to expand his selection to more than mid-century Modern.

  • Frank Rosa’s loft was featured on the cover of New York Home’s January – February 2006 issue.
  • Also mentioned in Architectural Digest – Designer’s Sources, February 2006
  • Sheila Bridges’ Designer living, Season 2 “Loft Living”

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