The Hudson Antiques & Art Dealers Association (HAADA) represents 40+ businesses in the City of Hudson, New York, which has become widely recognized as a premier antiques and art center in America. Our members feature a wide range of antiques, decorative objects, vintage and new clothing, jewelry, home furnishings and more. HAADA also includes members in the restaurant, hotel and service industries.

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That Hudson Look…

No two HAADA members define their trade in quite the same way. And yet there is a certain Hudson “look” which emerges from the wildly divergent styles and prices around town. Often, that look arises from sensibilities which see beyond categories and conventions. Few Hudson shops deal strictly in one period or style, preferring to mix high and low, old and new, pristine and distressed…deftly throwing some industrial salvage together with a top quality 18th Century showpiece, topped with a midcentury lamp, alongside a vintage lounge chair, with a Classical bust and Scandinavian textiles rounding out the picture. Such eclecticism is at its best when neither precious or overly self-conscious. Striking a balance between minimalism and clutter is also key to the genius of Hudson’s dealers.

The HAADA members listed below are all in the antiques business, in one fashion or another. Browsing their pages, you’ll start to see both the diversity and the commonalities among them. Each store name is a link, and the numbers following each name indicate their street address on Warren unless otherwise indicated… Perhaps in scanning their remarkable stores, you’ll figure out the right ingredients to replicate that Hudson look.
4 Hudson (557)
Ammi Ribar Antiques & Fine Period Frames (545)
Arenskjold Antiques Art (605)
Benjamin Wilson Antiques (605)
Colonia (530)
Combray Gallery (513)
Doyle Antiques (529)
Eclectique (The WAREHOUSE Door 21)
FINCH hudson (555)
Foley & Cox Home (317)
Gris (614)
Mark & Larry Antiques (99 South 3rd street)
Modern World (99 South 3rd street)
Modern on the Hudson (605)
Naga North (536)
Neven + Neven Moderne (618)
Red Chair on Warren (606)
Regan & Smith Antiques (601)
Rose Garden Antiques and Design (99 South 3rd street door 21)
Stair Galleries (549)
Sutter Antiques (556)
Theron Ware (548)
Vincent R. Mulford Antiques (419)
Warren St. Antiques (322)
White Whale Limited (410)

Many credit Hudson’s antiques stores with “saving” Hudson’s main street. And indeed, those who remember the largely boarded-up Warren Street of late ’70s and early ’80s (before the first wave of shops opened) can’t help but agree. What began as a small nucleus of shops grew, store by store, over the last two decades of the 20th Century into the diverse and sophisticated antiques destination which is known all over the world.