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New at Theron Ware Antiques

Exceptional 19th century over mantle mirror in hard to find scale of 6’ 9’’ ( 81’’ ) x 5’ 7’’ ( 67’’ ) Let this mirror make your room! It is all original with the gilt surface in amazing condition and with the original mirror plate. Find it at Theron...

20th Century Painted Mirrors from India

At 3FortySeven: $575.00 each or $1,000.00 for the pair. Call 518.291.4780 or e mail at Info@3fortyseven.com

Mirror, Mirror

Lili and Loo at the corner of 3rd and Warren Streets sells a very wide range of contemporary mirrors, ranging in price from under $100 to over $1,000. Many more examples and details can be found on their website.