•• $501–$1,000

20th Century Painted Mirrors from India

At 3FortySeven: $575.00 each or $1,000.00 for the pair. Call 518.291.4780 or e mail at Info@3fortyseven.com

Two Men in a Cafe

This sketch of two men by Danish artist Ørn is one of a collection of cafe scenes painted and sketched, in the tradition of Toulouse Lautrec, in 1950s. Orn was a singular guy who never wanted to sell his paintings; Arenskjold Antiques bought a collection from his estate. Stop by...

Deep-Buttoned Chaise Longue

Lot #125 in Stair Galleries’ upcoming auction was designed by Mark Hampton circa 1989: a Victorian-style deep-buttoned chaise lounge. It’s simultaneously functional, comfy, and chic. Dimensions: 6 ft. x 31 in. x 36 in. Estimate: $ 500–$700.

Pair of ‘Barcelona’ Chairs

Created by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the German Pavilion at the 1929 Barcelona International Exhibition, the chromed-steel and leather ‘Barcelona’ chair quickly became an icon of 20th-century design. Knoll International of New York City adopted the design in the 1950’s and continues to manufacture this classic chair...

Ornate Paper Mâché Container

This ornate ornate aged paper mâché container with a walnut lid (not original) found its way to 3FortySeven from Rajistan, India. Price: $575.

Southern Folk Art

This early 20th Century carving of an African-American man pulling a barrell on a cart is from the southern United States; the carving is 12" long and 5" tall. Price: $695 at david dew bruner design, 610 Warren Street, (914) 466-4857

Vintage Champage Rack

This classic French riddling rack dates from the 1920s. Used in wineries for champagne production, its hinged, A-frame double panel holds 120 bottles. With great patina and character, this beautiful sculptural piece is sturdy—and will add charm to your wine cellar, kitchen, dining room, restaurant or store. Size: 59.5" height...

Eames Bucket Chairs

Warm up Winter with a colorful pair of Herman Miller Eames Molded Bucket Chairs for $700, available at 3FortySeven (347 Warren Street, 518-291-4780, Info@3FortySeven.com).

Mata Hari Bags

Handmade in Istanbul, these collage bags by Mata Hari are handprinted on silk and cotton fabric (backed with linen) on leather, and are priced at $550 each. Full selections of styles and sizes are available for holiday gifts at 3FortySeven. Email us at info@3FortySeven.com, or call (518) 291-4780.

Danish Folk Art Chair

This unusual Danish painted chair from an in in the Rebild Forest Reserve is dated 1921. The Forest Reserve was started by a group of Danish Americans 150 years ago. Every year there are American celebrations there, particularly on July 4th. The preserve was started to protect the heathland and...