ZEN DOT ENERGY Exhibit Extended Through December


FRG OBJECTS & DESIGN / ART is pleased to extend Zendot2 NOW ON VIEW THROUGH DECEMBER 2015

The ZEN DOT ENERGY series, completed in 2004 by painter MERRILL STEIGER, was born out of an extended art meditation leading to an intuitive transformation and reflection of India's tantric traditions of circles and chakras.

The obsessive detailing of the ZEN DOT ENERGY series emanates a universally understood electric current felt across cultural boundaries. Steiger deploys pointillism, scale shift, color harmony and spatial involution giving the viewer a sense of hallucinatory vibration. The work seems to be in a continuous state of generative unfolding sustaining the eye and mind. This vibrational effect of illusory movement frees us of pre-conditioned, regulated western strictures, delivering a sense of liberation.

Merrill Steiger is a mid-career artist, living and working in New York City and Woodstock, NY. She has exhibited extensively in both solo and group exhibitions at museums, university galleries, art fairs, and galleries nationwide. The most recent

Exhibit FRG Gallery
11/05/2015 11:28

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