Galerie Gris - Lizzie Scott

September 11th - October 26th, 2015
Artist Reception: Saturday, September 19th 6:00 to 8:00 PM


Galerie Gris is pleaded to announce an exhibition of new work by Lizzie Scott featuring textile constructions and drawings. These large scale textile-muslin based object paintings called 'Drifters' are loosely based on the structure of sleeping bags. In this series, she cuts and stitches lengths of cloth and other materials into irregular geometric shapes, applying paint in additional translucent geometric forms creating a layered perspective. The intricacy in their construction does not disguise the simple everyday materials, each is made in the same way. There is no top or bottom, the pieces can be hung upside down because there is no right side up and whether on the wall or folded sculpturally on the floor each new orientation makes the piece look different.

While doing away with the traditional artistic concern with composition and focusing on 'construction' she is seeking to liberate painting from it's fixed state, using it's power to expand our experience of the 3-dimensional 'real world'. Expanding on the idea of art as object, these textile constructions are at once conceptual yet rigorously formal.

GALERIE GRIS / 621 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534/ tel:518.828.1677

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09/18/2015 15:48

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