COLOR THEORY at Carrie Haddad Gallery

Vincent Pomilio, James O’Shea and Stephen Brophy
October 7 – November 15, 2015

Opening Reception: Sunday, October 11th from 2-4pm

Carrie Haddad Gallery is pleased to present “Color Theory”, a group exhibit featuring the work of local artists Vincent Pomilio, James O’Shea and Stephen Brophy. Most of recorded art history is dominated by realistic painting, a highly polished, academic style of brushwork where little is left to the imagination. A push to express more than what can just be seen sparked a reinterpretation of the painting process. Art became the activity of creating rather than the finished product and, with this, color was used as the tool to capture the breadth of the artist's vision. Its combinations were used to produce a visual effect that translated representational art into an abstract language juxtaposing color, line, and shape. This shift from the naturalistic into abstraction is none better characterized than with the work featured in “Color Theory”. The exhibit will be on view from October 7th through November 15th with a reception for the artists on Sunday, October 11th from 2-4pm. All are welcome to attend. Southernmost-painting Southernmost Painting, 2015 20 x 20 inches acrylic, plaster and wax on panel

Inspired by the natural world, Vincent Pomilio produces unexpected color combinations using mixed media on canvas, paper, or wooden

Carrie Haddad Gallery Exhibit
09/17/2015 15:12

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