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. This is not shy or pretty work.

The paintings in thick acrylic on canvas express moments of bold contrast in broad strokes and sheer layers of pigment. Vigorous application of the medium creates a "focused recklessness". One can sense the struggle of the background and foreground environment in a dynamic battle for primacy.

COMPOSITIONS demands attention as these canvases capture the eye with something familiar yet unseen, inviting speculation on when each swatch of paint was applied and why.

Gear Jamer_2004_acrylic on canvas_60 x 48 inches with 2.5 inch black frame_$11,000

Drew Boughton, Gear Jamer, 2004, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 48 inches

Drew Boughton, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was raised in a family of theatre artist and spent much of his time as a boy in the scenic painting studio. The artistic environment suited him and one of the many things he learned at a young age was to mix pigment and binder to produce his own paint. As his commitment to the medium developed he went on to study fine art, receiving a BFA from The University of Massachusetts in both painting and sculpture. He later merged his fine art training with design, acquiring a MFA in Stage Design from the Yale School of Drama.

Boughton is today a widely respected theatre and film designer. His award winning theatrical set designs have been seen

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02/24/2015 18:10

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