COLOR, SHAPE & FORM II at Galerie Gris


December 11th - February 5th, 2014

Galerie Gris is pleased to announce a group exhibition: Color, Shape & Form II featuring works by James Vanderberg, Lizzie Scott, Jason Karolak, Robert Cronin and Doug Clow.

In James Vanderberg's nature inspired canvases, he explores the waterways and beaches of his youth. Rooted in abstraction and color interactions, his work makes a connection between the figure and field, landscape and our place in that space. Lizzie Scott continues her commentary on the urban landscape in a series of humorous paintings that depict the language of everyday. By collaging paper and muslin on canvas she creates a trompe l'oeil effect with rich, bold fields of color. Jason Karolak makes paintings that depict vibrantly colored linear structures. He uses overall patterns, striking combinations of fluorescent hues and the layered evidence of each paintings creation to suggest dynamic expansion. Robert Cronin's new paintings on paper continue to explore the placement of color and it's immediate effect on each other. Using vertical and horizontal bars of color he creates a harmonious, lyrical patterning that is nostalgic in it's familiarity. In Doug Clow's small works on paper there is an urgency in the laying down of paint. The graphic linear brush strokes of color create depth while surrounded by white. These intimate paintings seem to suggest an archaeological find, a surprise

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12/29/2014 10:27

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