Darryl Hudak Exhibit at Valley Variety

Valley Variety is pleased to present a selection of works on paper by Darryl Hudak. The paintings are part of a series Hudak refers to as “Improvisational Sketch Paintings”.


Three Sisters, 2013

Hudak creates based on what he sees. His art helps him speak in a way he’s unable and be seen in a way he can’t explain. His inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time—a puddle, a landscape or a scrap of paper; a memory, color or smell can inspire. Hudak explains, “It really is about the coming together of circumstances that allow my brain to pick up what my eyes see. “ The work comes from feelings at the moment rather than a preconceived agenda.

Hudak is influenced by many things including the desire to further a philosophy of “edit, simplify and prioritize”. He likes the unadorned essence of things as well as artful serendipitous joining of unplanned materials doing what they need to do. The paintings in this show use urethane bases, and by adding pigment, Hudak creates custom colors. The colors are made in the moment and are unique to each piece. Hudak’s work is informed by his career experiences in industrial, graphic, and furniture design and fine woodworking; as well as home design and restoration. A graduate of the Rochester Institute of

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11/19/2014 13:37

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