Lisa Corinne Davis at Galerie Gris



Galerie Gris is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings and work on paper by Lisa Corinne Davis. The pieces range in size from 22.5 x 30 inch works on paper to large scale 65 x46 inch paintings. These new paintings are thought provoking and open to a variety of interpretations. They are a continuation of Davis’s ‘inventive geography’ that at first appear as multi-layered maps, but are used as a point of departure.

The paintings address both autobiographical and global issues that draw on the past, current and future. In the works FATUOUS MODEL and COGNITIVE MYTH the underlying surface brings to mind ancient Pompey or Mayan cultures, in FALLACIOUS MATRIX an urban, contemporary culture comes forward and in MENDACIOUS MODEL a fabulist cosmic world emerges. Then layered with her own visual language, Davis explains “The images and concepts in my art have been shaped by the experience of my childhood. My work explores this complex relationship of race, culture and history.” Issues of categorization, classification and societal discomfort with shifting contingent information become the “encoded, expansive narratives.”

In a survey of the paintings titles, the words ‘Fatuous’, ‘Mendacious’, ‘Fallacious’ and ‘Sophistic’highlight Davis’s notion that “labels and categories create an artificial

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07/28/2014 13:00

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