Hudson Sparkles


A big thank you to everyone involved in the fabulous float for the 2014 Hudson Pride Parade including James Gottlieb and Spencer Brown from Stair Galleries who designed and built the float, Colin Stair for providing funding and facilities to work on the float and Nigel Thomas from Stair Restoration and Jamison Teale who assisted in the float assembly. Also thanks to Jake Watts of Pondside Nursery for the use of the trailer, to Nick Haddad for loaning his truck and to John Lerner for driving. A special thank you to Peter Frank and Carol Lavender at the Second Show who helped recruit the dancers Erika Clark, Ursula Depew, Arleen Gray, Andrew Lorea Resto, Adam Weinert and R. B. who performed on the float and gave it a special entertaining flair.

06/24/2014 13:37

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