Frank Yamrus at Valley Variety


In celebration of Gay Pride Month, Valley Variety is pleased to present I Feel Lucky, a collection of self-portrait photographs by Frank Yamrus. Please join us on Saturday, June 21, from 6-9 p.m., for an artist reception.

Inspired by the onset of a mid-life crisis, Yamrus turned the lens on himself and produced a powerful collection of self-portraits that reflect pivotal moments in his life. As Yamrus explains it, “With my camera, my constant companion during this time, I contemplated a lifetime of choices and created present-day images to evaluate my past with the hope of glimpsing my future.”

Created over a period of six years, from his 47th to 53rd birthdays, the photographs explore states of happiness, personal examination, loss, sadness and self-indulgence. For Yamrus, the process was empowering; one image leading to the next, each one contemplating aspects of identity and life. While these images represent personal moments for Yamrus, they have a universal appeal. Yamus is buoyed by the transcendence of the work. He states, “Ultimately, I felt confidence and inspiration from these pictures and the response to this work has reinforced those emotions.“ FY-VV-2

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06/04/2014 16:58

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