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To coincide with their upcoming auction, CONFLUENCE: THE COLLECTION OF TOM NOONAN, Stair Galleries has published an article by Angus Wilkie which offers a glimpse into the history of Hudson's longstanding (and soon-to-be-missed) Noonan Antiques and the shops beloved owner, Tom Noonan. You can read an excerpt of the article below…
My friend Tom Noonan, an ebullient man of refreshingly unpretentious manner and taste, announced the other day he was closing shop — and no one could quite believe it. “This is a disaster,” lamented a fellow antiques dealer. Without doubt, Tom’s imaginatively tumbled, effortlessly stylish shop at the top-end of Hudson’s fabled Warren Street was one of the most time-warmed and judiciously layered emporiums in town. When Tom started trading in Hudson more than two decades ago, a mere handful of antiques shops graced a sleepy street. An early fixture with a golden eye for layering myriad styles, Tom’s particular furniture medley was always his hallmark. Window displays on Warren welcomed footfall with an alluringly lighthearted Romanticism; inside, the misty glow of darkly lit rooms invited some serious sleuthing.

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05/09/2014 16:06

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