A Monumental Roman Painting


This very large painting features as its main element ancient ruins, but also contains the bucolic elements and rusticated features so often associated with the sophisticated lives of the landed nobility of the period. The original 18th century shaped stretcher was most likely meant to fit within an architectural frame work the painting was designed for and adds drama and excitement to the painting. Framed now in a companion shaped frame made some time in the very late 19th or early 20th century. The stretcher and frame disassemble for transportation and is presented here in its as found state. The painting could use a cleaning to bring out the freshness of the colors and to reveal the fine detail work. On the reverse the painting has an old paper label written in sepia ink in Italian. We have not had it translated but it seems to be related to were the painting was originally hung and some simple history. This painting is a great dramatic element and could in fact make a room instantly important and historically rich.

HEIGHT: 9 ft. 1 in. (277 cm)
WIDTH: 10 ft. 7 in. (323 cm)

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03/04/2014 15:47

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