Equus opens at Hallam + Bruner this Saturday


Looking for something to do this weekend? A collection of new drawings by David Dew Bruner opens this Saturday, November 23, from 6 to 8pm at Hallam + Bruner.

Bruner's latest series of drawings, titled 'Equus' evoke ancient wall frescoes, the chalk horse carved into the English South Downs, and the Tang Dynasty tomb figures of equestrian warriors destined to ride into eternity.

The enduring fascination of the artist to explore the theme of the 'horse and rider' translates into our modern psyche as sport and recreation not that this noble animal has ceased its role as the utilitarian workforce and become a symbol of leisure.

Bruner's energetic renderings bring to mind the early Futurist experiments of Giacomo Balla, the frenzied movement of racing feet, and the elegant line of Marino Marini - the artist contemplating the sheer physicality and bonding of both man and his equine partner.

All works are presented by the artist in specially chosen antique frames and are offered for sale. The show will run through the end of December.

Hallam + Bruner is located at 876 Columbia Street, 2nd Floor, Hudson, NY. Please call (518) 821-3158 for more information.

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11/21/2013 16:26

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