Vivid Portia Munson Flower Skull


A stunning photograph from artist Portia Munson can be found over at Neven and Neven Moderne. Munson creates these images by using a scanner like a large-format camera - she places flowers (all culled from her garden) directly onto the scanner bed, allowing pollen and other flower stuff to fall onto the glass and become part of the image. When the high-resolution scans are enlarged, amazing details and natural structures emerge. Every flower mandala is unique to a moment in time, represents what is in bloom on the day she made it.

This print is an ink jet on rag paper, 1/1 Artist Proof. The image measures 43 in. x 61 in., and the overall print measures 44 in.x 66 in. For more information, visit Neven and Neven Moderne at 618 Warren Street in Hudson.

Neven Moderne • Art
10/22/2013 11:21

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