Vernacular Photography Selling Exhibition at Stair


Stair Galleries is pleased to offer a selling exhibition of vernacular photography from the collection of Gerald Kornblau, August 3 through September 1.
The late Kornblau's fascination and interest in photography started over 50 years ago when he began photographing while serving in the U.S. Army during the Korean conflict. When some of his pictures were used to illustrate a National Geographic article in May 1953 entitled "The GI's and the Kids of Korea,” he realized the importance of photography and started on his life-long love affair with the medium. As one of the pioneers in the folk art field, starting in the late 1950's, Kornblau knew that the medium would be an emerging area of folk art. His private collection grew over the years and covered everything from circus performers to trades people. His wide, sweeping eye helped form one of the largest collections, some of which is now in institutions such as the Smithsonian, The Museum of New York and ICP.
A fully illustrated catalog is available on our website, . We hope you have the opportunity to view part of this vast collection online and in-person in our gallery!

Stair Galleries
08/10/2012 14:26

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