Deepest Green at Bavier Brook

Emerald ring

Look deep, deep into this emerald because this color is about as perfect a green as they come. This is a late Victorian ring circa 1890 that was most likely worn by a very dapper man.  It would also make an show-stopping engagement ring for a man or woman!

This ring is in very good condition having been lovingly worn over the past century. The setting at some point had much higher relief detail now softened by time, which adds to its mystique. The emerald is included, as most emerald cabochons are, but this does not detract in any way from its beauty. The stone is extremely well set and tight in the setting. Currently a size 10.5, this ring can be resized as needed. Measures 13mm at the widest. Heavy at 7.4 grams. $950.00 at

05/25/2012 18:09

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