Vintage Champage Rack

Riddling-rack This classic French riddling rack dates from the 1920s. Used in wineries for champagne production, its hinged, A-frame double panel holds 120 bottles. With great patina and character, this beautiful sculptural piece is sturdy—and will add charm to your wine cellar, kitchen, dining room, restaurant or store.

Size: 59.5" height  x 28.5" width x 5.25" depth (when closed) or 47" depth (when open).

Price: $900 at 12: modern antiquities at 345 Warren Street.

Contact: (518) 822-1212 or (917) 519-2663; or email for more information.

• 20th Century • Miscellaneous •• $501–$1,000
02/07/2011 11:39

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