August 26, 2017


1. “Meecer Lafayyet” 2015 85″ x 75″ by Phippe Halaburda, price upon request, contact us at 646-483-9109 for any questions you may have.

FRG Art August26

2.”Mineta” 2015 85″ x 75″ by Philippe Halaburda, price upon request, reflected at FRG OBJECTS & DESIGN / ART summer 2017

FRG Art2

3. All Art by Philippe Halaburda

IW Slit Top Coffee Table and AE Coffee Bench by
Joshua Howe Design
Prices upon request 646-483-9109

FRG Art3

4. Summer look at FRG OBJECTS & DESIGN / ART
Curated by Rick Gillette 2017. Paintings and Tubes by Philippe Halaburda On View Thru Sept. 2017

Steel and Concrete Furnture by Joshua Howe
Prices upon request 646-483-9109

FRG Art4


July 8, 2017




FRG Halaburda



5:30 – 8:30 pm

Philippe Halaburda’s highly unusual body of work is inspired by his 2015 move to New York City, when he made the daring decision to paint on cardboard, a material easily acquired in the streets of Brooklyn. Flattened packages, tubes used for carpet or fabrics, and even cereal boxes provided an exciting deviation from traditional shapes and canvas surfaces and increased the urban narrative of Halaburda’s work.

Halaburda 2

The works on cardboard seem to channel the metropolitan energy of New York. Applying the language of abstract expressionism has created intense, emotional paintings while retaining a fierce sense of identity and independence. With each painting, Halaburda embarks on an improvisational journey, the outcome being vivid, rhythmic compositions of geometric shapes and staccato brushstrokes, always spontaneous yet  precisely executed. Halaburda’s palette reflects the psychological state imposed by his environment.

Halaburda 3

It comes as no surprise that an artist with global influence would attribute such significance to the relationship between location and psyche. Halaburda has exhibited work in the United States, Canada, Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium), and Australia. Halaburda’s work is also in the collection of many institutions such as the Radar (Bayeux, France), Draguignan Permanent Art Collection (Draguignan, France), and the Villa Baulieu Art Collection (Aix-en-Provence, France). It is also in private collections in the United States, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, the Netherlands, and China.

First Caalvaryy, 2015, acrylic on cardboard, 35″ x 39″

The Devvon Foxx, 2015, acrylic on cardboard, 16″ x 14″

Ekkford Nevvel, 2015, acrylic on cardboard, 38″ x 47″

For high-resolution images or to schedule an interview please contact Rick Gillette at the number or email below.


Rick Gillette

Tel: 646.483.9109

June 5, 2017

April 27, 2017

March 30, 2017

March 27, 2017




OPENING RECEPTION APRIL 1 2017 5:30 – 8:30


untitled I, acrylic on panel, 48 x 96 in.

John Fallon created abstract paintings from a constructivist point of view with a linear focus utilizing color and symmetry, while exploring spatial illusion in his large scale canvases and modular pieces.

Having painted for the last thirty-five years in a variety of styles and mediums, the artist's current technique manipulates acrylic, spray techniques, watercolor, and inks to explore pattern, texture and surface. Fallon works in a dynamic fashion where form becomes less predictable and the process takes on a life of its own. The paintings, though appearing contrived, are more about the process than the end result. To quote the artist, "I think of painting as a seductive performance that keeps me coming back for more."




Prophecy, 2016, acrylic on panel, 48 x 96 in. 


t: 646-483-9109

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March 23, 2017

February 21, 2017

January 17, 2017

The sculpture series “Twenty-Nine Stories” by Michael Richison – FRG Objects


The sculpture series "Twenty-Nine Stories” by Michael Richison addresses the connective physicality of steel, plywood, and 3D printing. During his painting studies at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, the graduate student found himself drawn to the school’s design and craft heritage – in particular the plywood explorations conducted by Charles and Ray Eames.

With the influence of the Eames’ work, he has created sculpture that is playful and interactive, inviting contact and contemplation through impermanent compositions. Viewers are invited to alter the composition of the stacking planes which can be rotated, removed and re-stacked at will. The foundation of "Twenty-Nine Stories" is plywood shapes and custom-designed 3D printed brackets, which allows for the sculptures’ intricate and balanced movement. One could say that by exploiting the Eames's use of plywood in his work Richison honors the designers' foresight in the Digital Age.

Michael Richison is currently a professor at Monmouth University, where  he teaches Motion Graphics, History of Graphic Design, and Typography. He has exhibited and performed at venues and galleries both nationally and internationally.


We are very pleased to announce that Conrad-Ferm is back for his third showing at FRG Objects and Design / Art, following his stand-out 2016 solo exhibition at the Coral Springs Museum of Art.
With the "FUTURE NOW” the abstract artist enters new territory. The canvases and works on paper are extremely bold, yet surprisingly less complex than past work. The saturated color and line-work ever present in Ferm's paintings are now allowed to breath on white, with striking affect.
The paintings on exhibit express a maturity in their simplicity and calculated ease that is unexpected from an artist known for his dense, explosive canvases. One gets the sense these paintings are not about the harshness of now, they are more about giving you the space to imagine the promise of the future.

Conrad-Ferm's work is in numerous private collections and has been exhibited extensively in the United States.



December 6, 2016